Kristina Kanter

Design & User Research

Your Fry

Year: 2014

Skills: Brainstorming, Brief, User Experience, Identity Design


Your Fry is a collaborative project with Penguin Random House and WeTransfer where Stephen Fry invited the world of creative and technical minds to deconstruct and repurpose the words and themes from his last two books in any way one can invent.

I was involved into sessions of brainstorming to find the ways we can allow people to come together, collaborate and express their imagination, and submit their creations as video. After that internal team reviewed the videos before publishing videos to live website where people could vote and share them. I did a market research on services and platforms as well as wireframes during design sessions where we defined the requirements and looks of the website before it was sent for development to external digital agency.

Your Fry

Designed and built by me, fueled by determination and care