Kristina Kanter

Product Designer & UX Developer

Young Bond

Year: 2014

Skills: User Experience, Visual Designs, Front-End Development, Wordpress Theme Development


The main objective was to create, design and build a website for the series of young adult spy novels Young Bond where the audience can find and explore the information about books, characters and their connections.

Young Bond

I mapped out a site structure and did wireframes of different sets of pages described in the brief from Penguin Random House team and Ian Fleming Estate. After the general structure was defined I worked on Visual Designs and website development. Stakeholders wanted to use Wordpress as website CMS, so I created a separate theme specifically for Young Bond website which allowed to publish, edit and remove content everywhere on the website by marketing team themselves.

I worked with internal and Ian Fleming Estate team to establish the set of functionality and options they wanted to show on the website. As the audience is mostly children and teens, it was important to create an engaging and attractive place for users to get involved into the world of books about young James Bond and his adventures. Also we needed to provide news and details for the wider audience.

Young Bond Books Young Bond Characters