Kristina Kanter

Product Designer & UX Developer


Year: 2016

Skills: Front-End Development, Interaction Design


Working together with

Work.Life provides workspaces across London for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and fast-growth companies. In this project I took part as a Front-End Developer working mostly with HTML5, CSS3, SVG animations, and JavaScript. Visual designs were provided by 100shapes team of designers and we worked together to add nice interactions and fun animation touches to the whole experience.

Work.Life Website Front

The main goal was to refresh the look of the website and improve its usability. Target audience was people looking for a co-working place like freelancers, small businesses, and start-ups. As there was also a significant change of content related to the growing amount of locations around London, our task was to apply those changes to the website, but preserve simple look and easy use.

Work.Life Perks Page
Work.Life Mobile Animations Work.Life Mobile Animations