Kristina Kanter

Design & User Research


Year: 2016

Skills: Identity Design, UI Style Guide Design


A tweetstorm is a series of tweets from one person sent in quick succession and forming a single cohesive message. Stormchaser is a site that provides an easy way to view and track tweetstorms as they happen. The task was to create an attractive, simple, and scalable logo which can be used on Stormchaser's website as well as on other sites and social networks.

PRH Careers Wireframes

The chosen futuristic typography and contrasting colour scheme reflects the dynamics and modernity. The tornado-shaped icon made to finish the look of the logo reminds of the main element of the service – stack of tweets during the tweetstorm. The icon works well either together with typography or just by itself.

Flower Fairies Collection Flower Fairies Website

In addition, simple UI style guide for main elements such as body and header text, colour palette, buttons, alert messages, form, etc. was made to be used on the website.

PRH Careers Wireframes
Stromchaser website

Designed and built by me, fueled by determination and care