Kristina Kanter

Design & User Research

Flower Fairies

Year: 2016

Skills: Visual Design, UI Style Guide, User Experience, Wordpress Theme Development


Flower Fairies are illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker, created during the first half of the 20th century. Hand drawn with complete botanical accuracy, the Flower Fairies are charming works of art and nature. The team wanted to update the website, refresh the content, and create a completely different, sophisticated and magical look with hints of Art Deco and 1920's style.

Flower Fairies Homepage

Previous website was focused mainly on children, with online games and activities to download. The task was to broaden the audience and revive the original enchanting and magical feel and Pre-Raphaelite style of illustrations. Also the goal was to display original illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker combined into Flower Fairies Collections in a more pleasant and organised way making it easier for users to navigate through hundreds of images and discover more information.

Flower Fairies Collection Flower Fairies Website

Throughout the website colour is used as a method of storytelling and navigation with different parts of the site displayed on coloured backgrounds. All the decoration elements were custom drawn to create the special look. Some elements from author's illustrations are also in use to decorate the page and to get the look of a window to the Flower Fairies world.

Flower Fairies Website

The website has a responsive layout to fit on mobile devices with images optimised to decrease loading time.

Flower Fairies Website

Designed and built by me, fueled by determination and care