Kristina Kanter

Product Designer & UX Developer

Design System

Year: 2019

Skills: UX Development, UI Design

Place: Audio Network

Audio Network Design System is a set of patterns that are connected with industry's best practices in user experience, organised in a shared library to guide the team in designing customer-centric and purpose-driven experiences.

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It was created as a bespoke solution to combine UI styleguides, coded components and team principles to help business to keep consistency of the brand across all digital products.

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I have helped to introduce the idea of a design system and the value it brings to the business in the long term. I was involved in auditing company's products, researching UX best practices for seemingly simple elements like buttons, input fields, forms, etc, and setting up the design system that lives independently from Audio Network main codebase. It is a library that significantly speeds up the process of creating new user flows at the same time keeping the visual and interactive aspect consistent with the rest of the products.

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