Kristina Kanter

Product Designer & UX Developer

Deadgood Books

Year: 2016

Skills: Visual Design, Development, User Experience


Dead Good is dedicated to discovering, sharing and recommending thrilling crime. In this project I was involved into UX Research, Front-End Development, and custom theme design and build for Wordpress. Previous website was already using Wordpress CMS with a custom theme, so it was easier for the marketing team to continue working with it.

Deadgood Books Website Front

The main goal was to improve readability of the website's constantly updating selection of articles, provide better related content, highlight articles from the guest authors, improve navigation, and refresh the overall look, in general. Also previous layout didn't allow for a responsive design for tablet and mobile screens, which was the biggest downfall mentioned during the research made with website users. The new layout improved the whole experience which was confirmed by analytics with the increased amount of mobile device users visits.

Deadgood Books Website
Deadgood Books Mobile