Kristina Kanter

Design & User Research

Caitlin Moran

Year: 2015

Skills: Wordpress Theme Development, Front-End Development


In this project I worked on Front-End and custom theme development for Wordpress. Previous website was already using Wordpress as it's CMS and marketing team didn't want to make any serious changes to the core as the website had lots of content in the blog and attracts numerous amounts of visits from all over the world.

Caitlin Moran

The objective was to make a single paged website with elegant and clean look which can be a place where readers can read articles from guest bloggers and Caitlin herself, post comments, share content more easily and find information about Caitlin's books, events and news.

Caitlin Moran Caitlin Moran

Designed and built by me, fueled by determination and care