Recently I had a chance to visit one of creatively repurposed buildings in the world plus to be inroduced to an amazing design and web event in London.

House Of Vans, London

This atmospheric industrial space under Waterloo station dates back to Victorian times. Brick tunnels are now transformed into art galleries, skating surfaces, cafe and bar, and a big theatre for hosting events.

House Of Vans Skating Area

But I really can't decide what was more surprising: the place itself or the fact that I was one of the 1000 people who got tickets to Glug Summer Party. They were sold out in 4 minutes! Whew...

Glug Summer Party, Queue

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And after the show has started I quickly understood why it was so popular. In few exciting hours I learned that to make a game from cardboard is quicker than an atomic bomb (poor sharky lost its parent and seeks revenge: Derrick The Deathfin, watched the production of a rap video by Mr. Bingo Hate Mail - Mr Bingo, got introduced to an incredible project called Wayfindr Utswo – Wayfindr, an app that helps blind people to travel independently in London, and so much more.

Glug Summer Party, Theatre

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I especially liked the flash mob made by Ideas by Music for Fighting Cancer campaign. For every expletive in a tweet or Facebook post they donated 20p (£1 if it's done verbally over the phone). Genius! Fuck cancer!

Fighting Cancer Campaign

And one of Mr President's presented campaigns deeply touched my heart. Made by UN Women 'Give mom back her name' video shows interviews of men on streets of Egypt refusing to say their mothers' names in public (For men in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East, there is a taboo of not disclosing one's mother's name in public, lest it become a subject of shame and ridicule). Over time many women have their names being forgotten. They are being called as mothers of their eldest sons. During the campaign people were asked to change their profile icons to their mothers' names and spread the word to stop this embarassing and shameful taboo.

So thanks for this amazing opportunity, Glug! See you next time!