One of the resources that helped me to dive into the deep of Web Design and Development ocean was Smashing Magazine. It was like Web Wiki on drugs: much stronger, richer and fresher than any other website with tutorials.

So when I got to know that it's going to host a conference in Oxford this year, there was no chance for me not to attend it. It's a two-days event for web designers and developers, ranging from front end to UX design. I'll try to summarise what I learned and save the list of useful tools, links and quotes.

Buzz words this conference: service workers, user first, LieFi.

Smashing Conference starts


All things were designed by people. Removing something is also an act of design.

When web and native apps meet, responsive design happens.

Web doesn't work without internet, unlike native apps. So the point is to upgrade the web, removing this gap between native and web and provide a full app-like experience in browser. Web is like a conversation, let it be more engaging.

Links & Tools

Pop App – — Paper prototyping quickly turns into a clickable app. — Keynote meets PowerPoint and they fall in love.
Silverback – — Guerilla Usability Testing.
FullStory – – Record and analyse actual behaviour and interactions of your users.

nwjs – — Framework for building hybrid apps (calls Node.js modules).
Addy Osmani – JavaScript Memory Management Masterclass – Video about finding and fixing memory leaks in JavaScript.
Web Page Test – — Page speed testing with advanced functions.

Postman – — Helps to build, test, and document APIs.
REST Client – — Debugger for RESTful web services.
ngrok – – Secure tunnels to localhost.
Charles – – Enables a developer to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet. – Edit SVG’s online. A tool by Jake Archibald.

Recommended Reading

Steve Krug 'Rocket Surgery Made Easy'
Erica Hall 'Just Enough Research'
Steve Portigal 'Interviewing Users'
Alan Cooper 'About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design'

And my personal Bible was also mentioned few times – Dan Norman 'The Design of Everyday Things'.

Here you can also have a sneak-peak to most of the slides and details. Videos are available on Vimeo. It should be updated with more content soon.

Sketches by Elisabeth Irgens:

And I also won a book with this picture! First time my Instragram account came in handy.

Smashing Conference, Oxford Town Hall